Welcome to another year at Bradford Dolphin SC.  Please read the renewal form carefully before completing the form. The information that we/Swim England require you to complete on the form is very important and needs to be accurate.

Membership fees for the year commencing 1st January were approved at the AGM and are due for payment no later than 31st January. After 31st January, training will be at the non-member rates of £5 per session for a maximum of three sessions after which no further sessions can be attended until fees are settled in full.
If, for personal circumstances, you have difficulty in paying by the above date, please contact the Treasurer in strictest confidence to make a mutually convenient arrangement to settle the fees. ([email protected])

It is a requirement of Swim England (SE) that all new swimmers and social members of the club are registered with the SE following the third training session. Payment of fees also ensures that you are insured under the SE Rules.

Fees are made up of Dolphin membership fees and other levies/membership fees (SE, NER, Yorkshire) that the club is obliged to collect. The club will remit the necessary fee to SE and other relevant bodies to ensure that we comply with the rules.

One parent/carer from every family must become a Dolphin social member if the swimmer is under 18 years of age. This is important to ensure that sufficient people will be able to vote at the AGM, and to ensure that any decisions taken represent the widest possible viewpoint. The fee for the first parent/carer is automatically included in the swimmers fee.

It is extremely important the parent registering is the one who participates in voluntary activities i.e. assisting with training, timekeeping or marshalling at galas etc. This is because it is a requirement of SE that any parent/non-swimming member who has contact with swimmers through club activities is a member of the club and goes through a full DBS check.

A second parent/carer/other adult can become a social member by completing the form and paying an additional social members fee as below.
Any member not wishing to re-join the club in the new membership year should notify the club in writing.

New swimmers
Where you are joining the club for the first time, you will be required to complete an online registration form (found under the club heading) which requires submission to SE. Please complete this promptly and must be completed before the fourth session attended.
New swimmers joining the club part way through the membership year will pay a pro-rata Dolphin membership fee (check with the Membership Secretary, your coach or the Treasurer) the SE annual fee is payable in line with SE rules which will also be reduced pro-rata.

Could anyone interested in joining Bradford Dolphins please complete a Trial Request form.

Dual club registration
If the swimmer is also registered with another club and pays the SE registration to that club, e.g. City of Bradford, please state this clearly on the form, with the swimmer’s SE registration number in the appropriate place, as we need to ensure that you are correctly assigned ‘dual club’ registration with SE. You only pay SE registration via one club per year.

For those swimmers who are members of the City of Bradford SC, it is important that you have dual club recognition and that City of Bradford is your first named club to avoid you missing the opportunity to compete in the City of Bradford competitions. If you have any queries please see the Membership Secretary or your City of Bradford SE representative.

Categories of membership
There are two swimming categories of membership, either Open or Local dependent on the level for competitive swimming. If you are unsure which you are in, please check with your coach before completing the form.  At least 1 parent must have social membership for insurance purposes.

Open swimmers - those competing at graded meets e.g. Spenborough Bonfire Bash, Jorvik Sprints, Yorkshire, North Eastern etc

                                                                        Dolphin                                  SE                                  TOTAL
1st Family Member + 1 Social Member          £37.50 + £12.00                     £32.85 + £11.30             £93.65
2nd Family Member                                        £35.00                                    £32.85                            £67.85

Local swimmers – those attending training and/or competing at Dolphin, B&D, A&W and friendly galas level only
                                                                        Dolphin                                  SE                                  TOTAL
1st Family Member + 1 Social Member          £37.50 + £12.00                   £15.30 + £11.30             £76.10
2nd Family Member                                        £35.00                                  £15.30                            £50.30
Social membership only -                               £23.30 (£12.00 Dolphin + £11.30 SE)

Training session fees are subject to review and change constantly. The fees from 1st January 2020 for members are £4 for all training sessions. Fees are £5.00 for non-members at all sessions.