Depending on the ability of the swimmer and on the advice of the Head Coach, swimmers may be eligible to enter swimming galas and competitions.
All galas and competitions are subject to the rules of the Swim England.
Swimmers must be members of the Bradford Dolphin SC and the Swim England prior to entering galas and competitions.
Bradford Dolphin swimmers enter two types of galas:
1) Local Galas
Bradford Dolphin Gala – held twice yearly at Bradford Grammar School. Open to all club members. Entries are for individual swimmers at age group level
Airedale & Wharfedale – held throughout the year at Shipley or Aireborough Pool, Guiseley. Entry subject to Head Coach discretion. Entries are for individual swimmers and teams at age group level
Invitation Galas – where we swim as an invited club for points with an overall winner club. This gala is great for team spirit and experience
2) Open Competitions/Graded Meets
On occasions, the Head Coach will invite swimmers of the required ability to compete in Open Competitions which are of a higher standard than local galas. 
Gala/Competition entries
Entry forms for galas are all online entry system via the club website, entries must be made by the designated closing date.
Any swimmer competing in an open/graded meet must be registered as an Open Swimmer.
Depending on which gala/competition is being entered, there may be different criteria for age groups e.g. age on day of competition or age at 31st December. This will be clearly specified on the online entry system. There may also be a requirement to provide an entry time – please see your Coach if you have any concerns.
We ask that all swimmers wear Bradford Dolphin club costumes at all competitions. This helps portray a professional appearance for the club and also supports team identity. In addition, all swimmers should have with them a Dolphin T-bag, spare costume, 2 pairs of goggles, Dolphin hat (essential for girls) and sufficient liquid refreshment. Please note that shorts are unsuitable attire.

Gala/Competition Preparation
always check the start times etc the day before the gala – this is the parent/swimmer responsibility
ensure that you have all equipment and drinks/food
arrive in plenty of time – at least 15 minutes before your warm up
post your entry cards before getting changed
get changed and let your Coach know you have arrived
be ready for warm up on time and ensure that it is relevant to the stroke/ distance you are swimming – check with your Coach if you are unsure
follow the instructions of your Coach/ Team Manager at all times
speak to your Coach immediately after your swim for a debrief and feedback
check to see if you have made a final before leaving the pool
do not leave the pool side without permission from your Coach/Team Manager
after the gala ensure that you have all your equipment and rubbish with you before leaving the pool
Where you have any questions or concerns re galas, please contact the Championship Secretary for clarification.
If you are unable to swim in a gala where you have been entered, either as an individual or team swimmer, it is imperative that you notify the Head Coach as soon as possible. This will enable the Head Coach to re-plan team events and call in reserve swimmers if required
Expected behaviour at galas – please see the Code of Conduct.

Your record of achievements
It is recommended that you keep a record of your times achieved at galas / competitions. These times will be required for entry into open competitions when you reach this level. 

Photography at galas/competitions (including mobile phones)
The club reserves the right to take photographs /video at Dolphin Galas (in line with the recommendations of the Swim England Child Protection Policy). Photographs may be used for promotional purposes and parent permission is obtained via the membership form.
In line with the recommendation of the Swim England Child Protection Policy, any other person wishing to take photographs or video at galas/competitions must register their details at the entry desk. A record will be kept of the individual’s name and address. Specific details relating to photography registration will be announced over the PA system prior to the start of the gala.
Photography is totally prohibited at some galas/competitions – please refer to the gala programme/announcements.
Mobile phone use is prohibited at all pools as a condition of pool hire.