The following are the categories for our Swimmer of the Year awards - age as of 31st December

Girls & Boys 8 and under
Girls & Boys 9/10 year old
Girls & Boys 11/12 year old
Girls & Boys 13/14 year old
Girls & Boys 15 and over

The criteria for these awards has been updated for 2019, this is to encourage our swimmers to represent the club at galas.  This covers all galas; those where you swim as an individual, e.g. an open meet and galas where you swim for the club for points.  The following points will be awarded 

5 points for representing the club at a gala
5 points for at least one personal best at a gala (when swimming for dolphins)
6-1 points for a final placing (when swimming for dolphins) at Dolphin Gala & A&W & Rising Stars
6-1 points for placing - regardless of grade at open meets (when swimming for dolphins)
6 points for a speeding ticket
Extra points for team spirit, at the discretion of the coach & team manager

Running totals can be found here Swimmer of the Year 2019 v2.pdf, which include Dolphin Gala 1.

In addition, the following categories remain for the Swimmer of the Year awards

Girls & Boys 13 and under
Girls & Boys 14 and over

The winners of these awards are selected by the coaching team.

Thank you to Lisa Rutter for updating swim times and keeping a record of the points for these awards.