Monday                Richard Dunns                         6-7pm and 7-8pm 

Tuesday               Richard Dunns                         7-8pm (starter group only)

Wednesday         Richard Dunns                         7-8.30pm

Friday                   Bradford Grammar School      7.15-8.30pm

In order to get the maximum benefit from water time, swimmers are expected to be on poolside ready to start swimming at least 5 minutes before the times stated above
All swimmers are expected to bring to all training sessions the following equipment:
            Swimming costume (plus spare) but not shorts
            Goggles (plus spare)
            Hat (essential for girls)
            Water based drink (minimum 500ml) in a plastic container (glass is not allowed on poolside)
            In addition, all swimmers attending Tong or Bradford Grammar training sessions require a pull buoy, kick board and fins

Training fees are charged at each session which cover the cost of pool hire and Head Coach expenses. Training fees are subject to review throughout the year, any changes will be notified in advance of change

In line with the Swim England Child Protection Policy, use of cameras and camera mobile phones is prohibited at training sessions

Remember if you have any questions regarding coaching or training, please speak to the Head Coach (or poolside coach) either before or after training, but not during training. It is essential that swimmers pay full attention to the coach, so parents must not attempt to distract the swimmer or interfere in any way with the training session

In cases of bad weather please phone either the Secretary or your Coach to confirm that the venue is open. We will endeavour to update the website / Facebook in advance of closure whenever possible.

If you are interested in joining our club please go to the menu above and click on Register for Trial. When a space becomes available you will be invited via an email to attend a trial on an agreed date.  If the swimmer and coach are happy, the swimmer will be recommended to attend the most appropriate session(s). New swimmers can swim as non-members of the club for a maximum of three times after which, under Swim England rules, you must become a member of the club.

Progression from our starter session to other training sessions will be at the discretion of the Head Coach at an appropriate stage of development of the swimmer.

Training Locations

    Richard Dunns

Rooley Ave, Bradford BD6 1EZ

Bradford Grammar School 

Keighley Rd, Bradford BD9 4JP

Sedbergh Sports Centre

Cleckheaton Road, Low Moor, Bradford. BD12 0HQ