Swim Mark accreditation is a ‘quality mark’ which recognises and kite marks clubs that are committed to providing a safe, effective and quality service.

It is a structured programme built round the needs of the swimmer. Its aim is to act as a planning tool to access resources and provide appropriate opportunities for swimmers to help them achieve their full potential. It was established to encourage clubs to make a commitment to developing their services; to audit their strengths and weaknesses and to implement action plans to reach development targets via good practices.

Bradford Dolphins has achieved its Swim Mark Accreditation. This helps us to improve the way the club is run, by identifying our strengths and weaknesses and putting action plans in place. Benefits to the club will enable us to access funding to provide courses for our coaches and volunteers. The more we put into the process the more the members will gain from the programme.

Further information can be obtained from the Swim Mark representative